Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh , DPP180T -27 Woven Filter Mesh In White

Detail Information Material: Mono-filament Polyester Mesh Count: 10T-180 Thread Diameter: 27um-150um Width: 360mm Maximum Color: White, Yellow Treatment: Wash, Heat-setting Application: Plastic Printing, Textile Printing, Ceramic Printing... Name: White M

Detail Information

Material: Mono-filament Polyester Mesh Count: 10T-180
Thread Diameter: 27um-150um Width: 360mm Maximum
Color: White, Yellow Treatment: Wash, Heat-setting
Application: Plastic Printing, Textile Printing, Ceramic Printing... Name: White Mesh Screen Material
High Light:

monofilament polyester mesh

monofilament polyester screen fabric

Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh  Description


Food-grade Polyester Woven Screen Mesh made of quality monofilament yarn

Item: Mono-filament Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

Mesh Count: DPP10T-180T

Thread Diameter: 27um---150um

Width: 360mm to the maximum

Color: White, Yellow or Orange Color


Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh  Introduction:

Woven by monofilament Yarn/threads, polyester screen printing mesh is seen wide applications in different industrial printing, such as glass printing, graphic printing, ceramic printing, paper printing, circuited board printing, plastics and packaging printing...

SHARE has been dedicating herself in research, development and production of high quality polyester printing mesh since 1983, importing Swiss Weave Looms and German Reeds to produce mono-filament polyester printing mesh, other than equipment, we also import quality yarns to weave mesh; Our trained workers, together with advanced machines, equipment, can weave high quality printing mesh; By improving our quality, we also are thinking of ways to reduce costs, so we can give our clients' lower price to reduce their production cost.

          Other than Screen Printing, high tenacity, low elongation polyester screen mesh is widely seen applications in liquid filtration, dust collection and sifting, it has high strength when tensioned without losing and damaging to the yarn and polyester screen mesh still keeps good dimensional stability. Good chemical stability allows polyester screen mesh works at different environment and temperature, such as home appliance filtration, pool filtration, proofer cups, computer dust collection.

Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh  Advantages:

  • Faster Tensioning without damage to the threads
  • Improved fabric strength
  • Faster Tension Stabilization
  • Higher Tension threshold and breaking point
  • Less tension loss during the stretching process
  • Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the press room
  • Improved registration due to stable tension
  • Faster print speed

Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh   Characteristics:

  1. Screen printing makes it possible to print on wide range of substrates.
  2. Screen printing makes it possible to print on the substrates with various shapes and sizes.
  3. Many kinds of ink are available.
  4. Thick coating is possible. (General stencil: 10-30 microns, Special stencil: more than 100 microns)
  5. Thick coating makes colors more vivid, finish more opaque and light-fastness better.
  6. As printing pressure is small, it is possible to print on fragile matters.
  7. As the stencil is soft, it is possible to print on hard materials such as glass and metal as well as soft materials such as paper and fabrics.
  8. The stencil is cheap, which is the advantage in case of production of small quantity.

Food Grade Polyester Printing Mesh  Applications:

Screen printing are being used for various substrates in various fields. Ink does not adhere to some kinds of substrates with other printing methods. Screen printing can be used on some of these substrates.

  1. Commercial applications:
    Posters, billboards, POP, displays, stickers, signs, flags
  2. Daily necessaries:
    Toys, stationery, sports goods, bags, T-shirts, cosmetic containers, toiletry containers, packages, wooden products, glass, ceramics.

Industrial applications:

Automobile meters, CDs, parts of electric appliances, membrane switches, liquid crystal display (LCD), automatic vendors, name plates, print circuit boards, thick ICs.​

Filtration and Dust Collection are another important application of polyester screen mesh

        1. Home Appliance

        2. Agricultural Irrigation

        3. Food and Beverage Filtration

        4. Automotive Fuel/Oil Filtration

        5. Air-conditioning system dust collection

        6. Water Filtration

        7. Medical and Health Care

Printing Mesh

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