Polyester screen printing mesh 47T


The mesh count was considered a medium course screen, has high tension and low elongation, with excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability, the mesh count screens are the most versatile and the most commonly used in screen printing. Screens on the lower end of the mesh count spectrum put down heavier ink deposits and are ideal for printing bold colors on dark textile fabrics.

Product Name 47T(120 mesh) polyester silk screen printing mesh / bolting cloth
Material 100% polyester monofilament
Mesh Count/cm 47T
Mesh Count/inch 120 mesh/inch
Color White
Width 127cm, 165cm or customized
Roll length 30-100m or customized
Thread diameter  55 micron
Aperture 152 micron
Thickness 88-96 micron
Weave type Plain weave
Feature High tension, low elongation and halogen-free
Usage Printing on Ceramics, Glass, Textile, Electronics, CD, PCB, Solar cell panel, Advertising
Sample 1 m

polyester silk screen printing mesh polyester silk screen printing mesh

How to Choose

How to Choose the Right Screen Mesh Size

For newer screen printers, choosing the right screen mesh count often presents the most concern and confusion. Because of that, many newer screen printers - as well as some more seasoned ones - often use the same medium-grade mesh counts for all jobs. 

With that in mind, we're providing a primer to help you better understand mesh count and know where to start when trying ou different mesh counts for different types of prints.

1. About screen printing mesh size:

Different mesh sizes are used for different applications in the screen printing process. The higher the mesh count, the finer the threads and holes are in the screen. The size of the mesh has a lot to do with how detailed your image is and how thick the ink you are using is. If you have an image with extremely high detail, a lower mesh screen won't hold the high detail. Also if you are using a thinner ink, the ink will also flood through the larger holes and soak onto your shirt or substrate making your image blurry as the ink bleeds. On the other hand, if you are trying to print a thicker ink (such as white) through to high of a mesh screen, barely any ink will print through the mesh. Since there are many variables involved in silk screen printing, we can give you a general outline of what sizes to use for certain types of printing.

If the ink is a water-based ink, generally select the mesh with a lower mesh number, the mesh reference range is (120 mesh -180 mesh), the mesh number is too big, and the ink ejection is not good

Solvent ink general application and higher quality printing effects, such as outdoor advertising, product label logo, the general choice of screen mesh number (190 mesh -420 mesh)

UV ink is a more special ink, the general choice of mesh high mesh (355 mesh -460 mesh)

2. About the wire diameter:

Wire diameter is also one of the most important elements, the wire diameter should be very precise. According to difference of the manual printing or machine printing, the requirements of wire diameter also different.  For same mesh count, normal wire diameter is ok for manual printing; for machine printing, it may need the thicker wire diameter.  High-quality polyester screen mesh requires smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, etc, otherwise it will lead to printed products can not achieve the desired results

3. About the image resolution:

Thin wire diameter and high mesh count will have high resolution. Thick wire diameter and low mesh count will have low resolution. But not the higher the mesh count the better, too high will be due to the lack of ink, resulting in imprinted or damaged.

In general, a screen with a mesh opening larger than the mesh diameter can reproduce a higher resolution. So we should pay attention to the following points when choosing the screen mesh;

Mesh count / wire diameter, the value bigger, the better;

Printing surface and the substrate contact area as small as possible;

In order to meet the resolution requirements, the silk screen wire diameter and opening size must meet a certain relationship;

To meet the printing requirements, need to consider the relationship between wire diameter and ultimate tension.

We Hebei Macrokun Trading Co., Ltd can provide you professional screen mesh knowledge and good after-sale service. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Color : White
Thread diameter:55 micron Width:115,127,145,157,165,183 cm customized
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